Winter fun with kids

If you’re camping or full timing it in an RV this winter with kids, you’ll definitely need a few ideas for keeping those kids busy and moving. I’ve rounded up my five favorite activities that I’ve personally tested at one time or another with my kids over the last 8 years and they were all a hit! Each one is camping/RV friendly, only need a few supplies, but guaranteed to make your littles ones happy!

Scavenger hunt!

My kids love being outside. Doesn’t matter if we are simply at home or out camping. So doing a scavenger hunt is a no brainer for us! It gets us all outside and moving and engaging together as a family!We’ve used a few different templates over the years, but this one I found two years ago at (Click HERE for a chance to print your own) is my favorite!

Nature faces

(Image via Teach With Me)

Nature faces are the BEST thing to come back to the campsite with all the goodies you’ve just collected on your nature scavenger hunt and turn them into a craft. Just pack some glue and paper plates and let them collect all they want for creating one face or a whole family of faces! Giggles are guaranteed to happen!

Paper plate balloon tennis!

(Image via Ever Never Again)

Kids love balloons! Simply glue or tape a stick (a popsicle stick, paint stirring stick or even a stick found in the woods will all work) to a thick paper plate and blow up a balloon and they will have their own tennis game to keep them up and moving! A great way to get them outside and there blood flowing! My husband can’t seem to resist not hitting a balloon in the air so this one gets him up and involved as well! Lots of laughter and lots of memories!

Toilet paper roll peanut butter bird feeder!

(Image via The Resourceful Momma)

Getting out camping and being in nature means getting to hopefully see lots of animals. Kids just love getting to see critters up and close! Making some snacks for the birds (and squirrels too if we’re being honest here) lets them get a good up close encounter with them! Pack along some twine, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, something to spread the Pb, peanut butter of course and a small bag of bird seed! Hang them in the trees nearby and you’ll get to bird watch without even having to leave your campsite!

Leaf rubbing collage

(Image via mama.papa.bubba)

This one is my youngest son’s favorite because it blends his favorite arts and crafts and nature! He has gone through reams of paper just making rubbings of different tree barks, leaves, rocks, and even the sidewalk to name a few. Making rubbings of his treasure findings outside is one activity he asks for specifically! All you need is paper and crayons, which is a staple in almost any house with kids so packing some along for a camping trip is easy! The rubbings also make great greeting cards or post cards for family members!

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