Tacos in a Bag

Camping meals in my family equal one thing = EASY! Food prep is something that can either make or break a camping trip! Nobody wants to have to drive to the nearest store for something they forgot or because they didn’t bring everything for a complicated meal. Complicated meals are banned from our camping trips! So while food prep takes some extra effort and time before the trip, it always pays off in extra time to relax!

One meal that is easy to prep at home is tacos! And since tacos are a huge hit in our family, but I definitely don’t want to be heating up tortillas, or cooking taco meat at the campsite I prep it all at home. Cook the meat at home and freeze in a freezer bag, then you can just toss it in the cooler. When ready to eat, just heat up in a pan with some water (to avoid burning the meat to the pan) and with just a small bag of chips, you can create your own taco in a bag!

We love nacho cheese Doritos but any kind will work! Begin by crushing the chips in the bag. Open the bag at the top, or you can use scissors and cut open along one side for a larger opening. I do this for the kids.

Once your meat is hot (refried beans to if you warm those over the fire as well), then add all your favorite taco toppings directly to the bag! I like to add extra lettuce and tomatoes and either some ranch or sour cream and mush it all together real good to make a taco salad! My boys prefer chips, beans, meat and cheese! And eat EVERY.SINGLE.BITE!

Camping doesn’t have to be all hot dogs and smore’s….tacos definitely deserve a spot on the camping menu!

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