Presidents Day Road trip

Every February we observe the third Monday for president’s day in honor of two great men. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The contributions they made to our great country have had endless impacts and because of this they are easily some of the two most historical figures in our country.
So if you find yourself road tripping cross country here are a few presidential sites worth stopping at to learn some more about these two great men who changed our history for the better!

George Washington’s Mount Vernon – Alexandria, VA

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The home Washington inherited from his older half-brother was not the grand mansion we see today. That home became the huge 21 room mansion and plantation we now all know under Washington’s supervision, even during the years of the revolutionary war, he was active in all designing and restoration processes.   Mount Vernon consists of 500 acres which includes the main buildings, including the house, which is situated on the Potomac River. George Washington lived here following his years as president, until the day he died in the very house he helped create. Visiting is like taking a step back in time and following in his footsteps. Plan on spending an entire day to thoroughly enjoy the house, the grounds, gardens and museum!
Mount Vernon is open 365 days a year. A great place to visit any time of the year. With plenty of RV and trailer parking for free.

The presidents house in Philadelphia, PA

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Many people don’t realize that our country’s first president (or even the second president, John Adams) didn’t live in the house today we are associate with the president.  One block from independence hall, in our then nation’s new capital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, stood a mansion where the beginnings of our new country took place. From 1790 to 1800 this mansion was the center of it all. Visiting this site tells of the history of our first president, and the people who served him as well.

Located in current downtown Philadelphia, you’ll be surrounded by our nation’s history, when you walk the open aired complex.  Definitely worth checking out if you’ll be in the area!

Lincoln Boyhood Home

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Located in Indiana, Lincolns Boyhood National Memorial, is a living history farm. Not only can you stop and see the preserved farm site where Lincoln lived and grew up, but park rangers, dressed in period dress, run the farm seasonally from spring to fall, teaching all about the life Lincoln would have lived. You will experience a variety of life skills from the period up close and personal.

While there you can visit a memorial depicting stages of Lincoln’s life and take a hike though the same woods Lincoln did! Pets are welcome, so make sure to stop if your passing through Indiana on your next road trip!

Lincoln Home, Springfield, Illinois

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In historic downtown Springfield Illinois, there is a house on the corner of Eighth and Jackson Streets, that is ran by the National Park Service. This house happens to be the only house Abraham Lincoln ever owned. Lincoln lived here, with his wife Mary Todd, and their children, from 1844 to 1861, before becoming the 16th President of the United States and moving to Washington DC.

You can take a free tour, offered through the National Park Service, and also explore a four block historic area, and tour other homes from the period filled with information about Lincoln and time he spent there.

Each of these stops are truly a unique and hands on experience with history! Perfect for road tripping families, or cross country retirees looking to explore more of the country!

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