Christmas Tree Craft

If your celebrating this Christmas in an RV with kids,
Christmas crafts are a wonderful way to get into the holiday spirit and keep the kids busy.

This craft gets them outside collecting sticks and a
guaranteed hour of quiet as they assemble these ornaments.

You only need a few supplies which makes it a great travel craft and
you can make as many as you want cause they make great gifts for
grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends!

You will need…

Thin sticks and branches of various sizes.

Popsicle sticks (or use a slightly larger branch for the base)

Glue (I used a hot glue gun to help assemble,
older kids can safely use one themselves ,
but for younger kids, clear Elmer’s glue works best)

Various decorative pieces
Beads, Buttons, Ric rac, Ribbon,  etc


Twine or heavy duty ribbon for hanging.

Start with either a Popsicle stick or thicker branch as your base.

Take the other branches and starting at the top glue straight down,  leaving a stump.

Then with scissors we cut the sides to make the edges assemble a tree.

Once dry,  let the kids decorate to their hearts content!

After the decorations are dry,  flip over and glue a piece of twine for a hanger.

The perfect addition to any Christmas tree, whether it’s RV sized or not.

Merry Christmas

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