5 ideas for shoes storage in RV’s and Trailers!

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Shoes can be the biggest clutter when in a small space, and there is no denying that RV’s and camping trailers are small. So the best thing you can do to get ahead of the inevitable shoe clutter is get organized!  Here are 5 ideas for getting your trailer shoe ready, whether it’s just you or your whole family!

  1. With some command hooks, a pocket storage caddy becomes shoe storage for an entire family!

    (image via pinterest)

  2. With some PVC pipes, you can make a rack to fit your space and your shoe size! Perfect for shoes that need to dry out after a day of adventures!

    (image via ditchingsuburbia.com)

  3.  If you only have a few shoes and the space, a wall mounted coat rack works fantastic for keeping them up and off the floor!

    (Image via pinterest)

  4. If you’ve got the space between a wall and the stairs , a tension rod makes a quick fix for everyday shoes that need to be grabbed quickly!

    (Image via pinterest)

  5. Now this last Idea I find quiet genius! Using the door itself for extra storage! Talk about maximizing the space your given to the fullest potential!

    (image via pinterest)

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